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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Night Vapors, Gusts, and A Quick Bout With Super Glue

Today I decided to fly my Night Vapor. But it's motor fell off when I picked it up, so it required superglue. After gluing  the motor into place, I went to lunch(Hmm, brisket!). When I came back, I decided to see if the motor had dried. Well, mistake No. 1. Ever got superglue all over your fingers? Then, after I poured acetone over it and rubbed my fingers, they became blue from the nail polish I had on earlier. So, now, I had blue hands and glue left on them. After it FINALLY dried, I went outside to fly my RC airplane. The gusts were just too strong. And it is rather bad when the battery goes dead right over a tall building.

Friday, April 13, 2012

An Awesome, Funny, Educational Detective Show That Has To Deal With Body Language, Micro-emotions and Murders

It's called Lie To Me, and is very cool. The show is based around Dr. Cal Lightman, a  very, how do I say this... well, watch it and you'll see. It has to do with Lightman solving mysteries through emotions. Say, look it up on Youtube and watch one. You'll be hooked. And if you have Netflix, watch the darned funniest one(Lightman goes on vacation with his daughter(he's divorced, and has half-custody), Emily. Whie there, he spies on his office through his computer. It ends up really funny!), Season 1 Episode 16. Comment if you've watched it! :D

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Odd... Someone Died On The Hill Behind Us? And It Was Only 40 Years Ago?

Huh. I just heard that that beautiful forest behind our house was once Daisy Hill Mine. And a boy fell into a sinkhole when he was hiking and died. Creepy beyond belief. I always wondered what that giant swoop in the ground was. And why I was always told not to walk on it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Have Western Chorus Frogs?

Yup, true. I have these cute things. They're called Western Chorus Frogs. Great pest control, and make a beautiful song, I heard. I have 15, because 2 I released into my little pond. They're doing fine, but we had a big storm last night. The air will be fresh, though, and perfect for a bike ride... if it wasn't 42 F.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Favorite Band: Panic! At The Disco

Easy enough to say. The lead singer, Brendon Urie--okay, maybe he's(almost) the only one in the band anymore--has a voice much like mine. I can replicate Mad As Rabbits, Do You Know What I'm Seeing?, She Had The World, and The Piano Knows Something I Don't. Some of the songs are in here. All the songs are nonsense, too. Pas de Cheval talks about

It's the greatest thing that's yet to have happened
Imagine knowing me
It's the greatest thing you'd ever imagine
But you'll never know until you're there
No, you'll never know until you're there

Odd, eh? But I made a bag, and I'm planning on embroidering 'Panic! at the Disco' on it... And adding little snippets from The Piano Knows Something I Don't on it. So, know you know what I sound like. And that I'm a girl. *headdesk*

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tadpoles: Part I

Okay... this weekend, I found 17 tadpoles inside a drying up puddle on the top of the forest behind our house. I was hunting for Morells, but ended up carrying the mushrooms, emptying bucket, and transporting tadpoles down a steep, slick, rocky, cold, windy, mountain carrying an open, sloshing, bucket. I also have a 'private' stream flowing through the forest. Trickles, but relaxing to watch. At the mid-bottom, there is a hole filled with water. It's about big enough to sit in if you fold your knees under you. Not deep, only about 8-inches to the bottom. I released some of the tadpoles into it. I was left with 10. I gave them a temporary chinese take-out container(the plastic ones soup comes in) with a rock, a twig, and a piece of expensive artisan lettuce. They didn't eat it, they used it as a bed. Sure, they nibbled at it, but they demolished the fish flake I gave them. Today, I gave them a nice sized glass bowl. It is very clean, and looks designer. Also, I figure out what kind they are today...

Friday, April 6, 2012

I Now Have...

A Twitter account! I'm Capybara@Wallyloach. Feel free to check it out!(Now, how in the world do I use this thing???)