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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beautiful Day Outside!

It's gorgeous outside to-day. The sun is shining, and it's 60 Fahrenheit. And I decide to make my own little fishies. Cute, aren't they? My favorite is the green one. And I'm obsessed with 'Meet Me In California' by the Plain White T's. Nothing new.


  1. Awesome, Capybara! This is Silver from King Arthur's Wife's Collection of Talented Individuals! Nice blog! I never knew this existed before!

  2. Hi, SPC! Hard to forget you ;D Thanks for actually taking the time to read this! Since Arthur's Spouse's School for The Gifted usually takes over your time :D

  3. Waait . . . do I know you?
    Sorry, you know, screen names and all. I might/might not know you . . . if you were on the forums last year, then I probably do know you. Anyway . . . I don't know, maybe if Silver can email me your name?