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Monday, March 26, 2012

10th post!

*pulls out mini trumpet* Dundumdundum..... 10th post! *bows* Sorry about the lack of posts, but 10th posts need a lot of special material, and I had to save my exciting things. So... let's start with the deer. I was in the forest behind our house, hiking up the Mudslide, a dangerous rocky climb that had water running down through it. Once you go up, you can't stop or else you lose footing and fall onto rocks. Well, I went up it, and got stuck in mud. So I had to verrry carefully extract my foot and slowly advance down the rocky face(Oh, and FYI, it's 20 feet long, the Mudslide). So, once I got down but ruined my pants, I heard something trample the leaves. I looked up and there were two does at the top of the Mudslide. I made a nickering sound, and one slowly made it's way down the Mudslide towards me. Then it spooked and ran.

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