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Monday, April 9, 2012

Tadpoles: Part I

Okay... this weekend, I found 17 tadpoles inside a drying up puddle on the top of the forest behind our house. I was hunting for Morells, but ended up carrying the mushrooms, emptying bucket, and transporting tadpoles down a steep, slick, rocky, cold, windy, mountain carrying an open, sloshing, bucket. I also have a 'private' stream flowing through the forest. Trickles, but relaxing to watch. At the mid-bottom, there is a hole filled with water. It's about big enough to sit in if you fold your knees under you. Not deep, only about 8-inches to the bottom. I released some of the tadpoles into it. I was left with 10. I gave them a temporary chinese take-out container(the plastic ones soup comes in) with a rock, a twig, and a piece of expensive artisan lettuce. They didn't eat it, they used it as a bed. Sure, they nibbled at it, but they demolished the fish flake I gave them. Today, I gave them a nice sized glass bowl. It is very clean, and looks designer. Also, I figure out what kind they are today...

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