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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things You Probably Never Knew And Never Would Have Knew

Okay, I'm starting a routine. Wednesday is now Fact Night!

Today's theme is Fish.

Atlantic salmon are able to leap 15 feet high.

Most tropical marine fish could survive in a tank filled with human blood.

Minnows have teeth in their throat.

The lungfish can live out of water in a state of suspended animation for three years.

The garfish has green bones.

The Elephant Snout, an African fish, communicates with other fish by emitting an electrical signal, sort of a fish's version of Morse Code.

Many years ago, a fish was caught that was 33 inches long and seemed to be heavier than it should. When they cut the fish, fishermen found a full of bottle of ale inside it. 

Sharks are immune to all sickness' but cancer.

Stonefish are the most poisonous fish.

More next Wednesday!

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